How We Can Help

  • Advice

    During your free advisory sessions your consultant will ensure that you have detailed information on the:

    • range of courses and universities available to you in your chosen subject
    • content and structure of the different courses and the range of specialisations offered
    • entry requirements and competitiveness of the different universities
    • possible alternative courses you could consider
    • application process and how to make it work for you
    • procedures for registering and sitting for the PTE Academic at MABECS. MABECS, in collaboration with Pearson, is a test centre for PTE Academic. PTE Academic is a computer-based English language test which measures the core skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing
    • procedures for registering for the IELTS at the British Council. MABECS is a British Council IELTS authorised registration agent and will be able to assist you with registering for the IELTS at the British Council
    • MABECS is also a test centre for the UKCAT, required by some universities for admission into some medical degree and related programmes
  • Assistance

    Having discussed these issues and the other aspects of making a choice about higher education - please refer to the MABECS Guides on Choosing a Good University– your consultant will then:

    • supply you with and help you complete your application form(s)
    • submit your application form(s) and any accompanying documentation to the UK. If hard copies of any supporting  document are required to be sent to the universities, this will be sent via our weekly courier to the UK, at no charge to yourself
    • monitor the progress of your application(s) and give appropriate advice at important decision making stages
    • act as an intermediary between you and the university should the need arise
    • inform you of any visits to the MABECS office by various university representatives
    • assist you with the visa application process
    • support your application and progress in anyway possible according to our strict rules of conduct, impartiality and trustworthiness
  • Information

    Our resource centre, located in our PJ office, is open to you at all times during office hours and holds:

    • Subject handouts for various courses at undergraduate level, produced by MABECS
    • Reference books on a variety of areas, e.g. preparation for admissions to various universities, also on admissions tests like UKCAT, LNAT and others
    • A wide range of prospectuses and allied information
    • Course leaflets
    • Postgraduate research specialisation details
    • Application forms for all courses at all levels
    • Research Exercise Framework listings
    • Scholarship information


MABECS is happy to assist you if you need more information in choosing your university or course.  
Simply fill in the enquiry form or call in and make full use of these resources that are at your disposal.

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