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Visitors to MABECS in 2018
The following university representatives will be happy to meet with applicants and potential applicants, at the MABECS office.
If you would like to meet with any university representative for more information on the university/courses being offered, please contact MABECS for an appointment:

Email:  / Tel: 03-79567655/439.
  • October
    01 Oct University of Winchester
    Mr Nabil Nour, International Student Recruitment Development Manager
    02 Oct University of Lincoln
    Mr. Liam Howarth, Senior International Officer
    18 Oct Newcastle University
    Mr. Gary Ushaw, Director of Business and Engagement, School of Computing
    22 Oct University of Aberdeen
    Ms. Sarah Stewart, International Officer
    23 Oct  The University of Sheffield
    Ms Dalila Tasron, Recruitment Officer
  • August
    06 Aug University of Essex
    Ms Christabel, Regional Development Manager, International Office
    15 Aug  Keele University
    Ms Jacqui Mcintosh, International Development Officer 
    16 Aug  University of Birmingham
    Ms Katy Friend, International Officer 
    20 Aug  University of Kent 
    Mr Robert Batchelor, International Officer 
  • July
    18 Jul Newcastle University
    Ms Shelagh Cauwood, Joint Head of International Recruitment/International Exchanges Coordinator, Newcastle Business School
    Ms Sarah Beech, International Recruitment Manager, Newcastle Business School
  • June
    13 Jun University of Surrey
    Peter Shelley, Head of International Recruitment Officer
  • May
    02 May  University of Leicester
    Mr James Leadbetter, International Recruitment Officer
    11 May  De Montfort University
    Mr Daniel Winney, International Recruitment Officer
    23 May  University of Bristol
    Ms Sumithra Durai, International Officer
  • April
    04 Apr  University of Essex
    Ms Katrina Khairudin, Recruitment and Development Manager, South East Asia 
    07 Apr  University of Nottingham
    Ms Cheang Poh Wan, Regional Manager, SEA
    10 Apr  University of Reading
    Ms Mala Sivapragasam, Country Manager, SEA
    23 Apr University of Exeter
    Mr Jim Myton, International Officer (for Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei)
  • March
    01 Mar  Glasgow Caledonian University
    Dr Catriona Khamisha, Senior Lecturer, Occupational Therapy
    Dr Sharron Blumenthal, Senior Lecturer and Professional Doctoral Student
    02 Mar University of Birmingham
    Ms Katy Friend, International Officer (South East Asia)
    05 Mar
    University of York
    Miss Vikki Wilson, Regional Manager (Southeast Asia) 

    University of Lincoln
    Mr Liam Howarth, International Officer
    17 Mar  University of Nottingham
    Associate Professor Harriet Allen, School of Psychology 
  • February
    02  Feb University of Leeds
    Dr Terry Cousens, Senior Lecturer, School of Civil Engineering
    13 Feb Queen's University Belfast
    Ms Mairead Boohan, Lecturer & Deputy Director, Centre for Medical Education
    Dr Vikki O'Neill, Lecturer, School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences 
    22 Feb  University of Bradford
    Ms Carly Balmforth, Country Development Manager 
    27 Feb  University of Kent
    Mr Nick Wood, Senior Lecturer in Actuarial Science
      University of Liverpool
    Ms Tracey Tee, Regional Development Manager (ASEAN) 
  • January
    15 Jan University of Birmingham
    Mr Jugjit Singh Cheema, Regional Manager, International Recruitment
    16 Jan Lancaster University
    Ms Kirsten Mingins, Regional Manager SEAsia

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