Advanced Entry

Many students in Malaysia relish the opportunity to spend some amount of time in the UK having completed some preliminary studies here.
The position with regard advanced entry to a degree programme, varies from one UK university to another. Some may not be able to consider entry other than to Year 1 of a degree whilst others will often consider such applications on a case to case basis. The universities will need to review your current syllabus and academic performance before making a decision on this.

Alternatively, having completed your full degree in Malaysia, you may choose to pursue a one year Masters in the UK.
By choosing to study abroad, you will not only upgrade your knowledge of a specialised subject and improve your employment capability, you will also gain exposure to the many useful and life enhancing experiences that only a period of work and study overseas can bring.
It is clear that many Malaysian companies prefer to employ graduates who have experience of living and studying abroad. In a global economy, those who have an overseas background are often at an advantage in the job market.


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