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Here’s a quick overview of four major steps in the application process:


Before applying

Find guidance on the right course and university including rankings, research ratings, entry requirements, and more.

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University rankings

Are university rankings really important? Rankings should not be the only factor that students focus on when determining their university choices. Read on to find out why.

List of UK universities

MABECS is the only UK education specialist in Malaysia with the widest network of UK university partners. Find out which universities these are.

Course styles and content

The same subject can be taught in very different ways from one university to another. What’s a sandwich course and what’s project work? Find out the differences in course styles and content across...

University environment

The environment of the university that you choose can have a great impact on your student life at the university. Universities in the UK are located in towns and cities of varying sizes. Find out more...


Is the course you’re applying for accredited and recognised locally by the relevant professional body in Malaysia? Find out what to look out for.

Entry requirements

Different universities have different entry grades. Read on to find out more.

Applying for 2nd or 3rd year admission

Is it possible to gain admission into the second or third year of a Bachelor’s Degree course in a UK university? Find out the possibility here and the steps to get there.

Average fees & costs

Fees vary significantly across the country and between universities. Read on to find out annual tuition fee ranges at UK universities and also average cost of living in the UK.

Scholarships and student loans

Looking for scholarships or loans for your UK studies? All your scholarship questions answered here, for both undergraduate and postgraduate applicants.

UK student reviews

Discover real UK student reviews by the UK’s National Student Survey (NSS).

Official university QA reports

Having considered student reviews, it is also equally important to consider official QA reports of the university you are interested in. Find out more.

What is the Research Excellence Framework?

Learn more about the new system for assessing the quality of research in UK higher education institutions.

What are league tables?

League tables claim to rank the universities in order of excellence. Learn how you should look at league tables and questions you should ask about them.


Applying through UCAS

All things UCAS - from how to write a good personal statement, to mock interviews, and even monitoring students' application progress.

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Step-by-step overview of my application

Is your UCAS application too much to handle? Here’s a quick A-Z overview of a typical UCAS application with your MABECS consultant’s help!

Application deadlines (2019)

Not all UK universities and courses have the same October deadlines. Read on to find out all application deadlines for 2019 entry.

Personal Statement 101

Find out firsthand from MABECS’ experienced UK education specialists on tips to do well in your personal statement, what to include and what not to include.

Your reference

Your reference is an important part of your UCAS application. The reference is usually written by someone who knows you academically, for example, a teacher. Learn what should be included in your refe...

UCAS terms explained

UCAS can be a maze if you don’t understand terms such as Insurance or Clearing. It doesn’t refer to buying insurance, just in case you’re wondering. Here’s a list of frequently-encountered UCA...

What happens after you apply?

Feeling nervous about your application? Here’s what to expect after you’ve submitted your application.


Tests and requirements

PTE, UKCAT or LNAT tests are available through MABECS without having to find another third party.

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Register for IELTS

Register for your International English Language Testing System here. Tests will be conducted at the British Council test centre.

Register for LNAT

Register for your the Law National Aptitude Test here.

Register for UKCAT

Register for your UK Clinical Aptitude Test here.

Register for PTE Academic

Register for your PTE Academic here.


Pre-departure help

We also help to provide guidance from flight bookings, visa applications, and suitable accommodations to stay in.

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Applying for your UK student visa

Malaysian nationals intending to study in the UK will be required to apply for a student visa. Find out how.

Health and insurance in the UK

If you are a Malaysian intending to study in the UK, you are required to pay an Immigration Health Surcharge (HIS) when submitting your visa application. Learn more.

Banking and finances in the UK

Learn about spending money in the UK and banking matters.

Student accommodation in the UK

Where should you stay in the UK - on campus or off campus? MABECS consultants provide some tips here.

Packing for the UK

So you are all set to fly off to the UK, but what should you pack? Don’t miss out on this list!

Arriving in the UK and what to expect

Don’t be unprepared. Find out what to expect the moment you arrive in the UK

Working in the UK

Wondering what are the laws governing part-time work as a student in the UK? Or considering a job in the UK after graduation? We have the answers!

New College of the Humanities, England


Who NCH is

New College of the Humanities (NCH) is a prestigious, university-level college in the heart of London. Small by design, NCH offers a unique and broad liberal arts-inspired curriculum with highly personalised teaching, including its gold standard one-to-one tutorial system.

Exceptional Teaching

NCH’s experienced and respected faculty are passionate about teaching and research. NCH offers one of the best staff-to-student ratios in UK higher education. Degrees are taught through small seminars and lectures and its unique one-to-one tutorials, giving its students unrivalled opportunities to explore the curriculum in-depth, at a level of engagement with other students, tutors and lecturers that is second to none.  NCH’s courses are challenging and enriching, and its students are rewarded with extra personal development and enhanced skills.

NCH’s world-class Visiting Professoriate of world-class professors includes luminaries such as Simon Blackburn, Sir Partha Dasgupta, Richard Dawkins, Daniel C Dennett, AC Grayling, Bettany Hughes, Steven Pinker, Sir Christopher Ricks, and Adrian Zuckerman, all of whom teach and contribute to the creation and development of the curriculum at the College, giving its students access to some of the world’s greatest thinkers that is unparalleled at undergraduate level.

Undergraduate study

NCH’s unique, liberal arts-inspired major/minor degree combinations offers its students a choice of bespoke, individually tailored degree programmes. Select one major course from Art History, Economics, English, History, Law, Philosophy, or Politics & IR. These subjects are all available for selection as a second, complementary ‘minor’ subject, as well as a Creative Writing minor. A single honours Law LLB, Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE) and Philosophy, Politics & History (PPH) are also available.

Choose your degree

NCH Diploma

All undergraduate students at NCH combine their degree studies with the College’s enriching diploma. The NCH Diploma further contextualises your degree through the study of Applied Ethics, Critical Reasoning, Science Literacy and the NCH LAUNCH programme. The Diploma equips you with an intelligent understanding  of the core concepts, arguments and theories that underpin the study of the humanities, and enables you to approach your degree studies in a rounded and enlightened way. The LAUNCH programme introduces key professional skills, attitudes and behaviours, identified by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) to be valuable to employers across a range of professions.

Postgraduate study

NCH has earned a reputation as a world-class academic institution that is leading the way in UK higher education. Its students are some of the world’s most enquiring minds and have a passion for learning. Studying at NCH is an enriching pursuit, both personally and professionally, and NCH considers postgraduate students to play an integral role in the ongoing development of its vibrant collegiate community.

NCH’s MA programmes foster advanced skills in critical questioning, information gathering, synthesis and analysis, and oral and written communication. Graduates are likely to pursue a research degree and an academic career, or wider employment opportunities in a range of diverse industries.

Study in London

NCH’s Grade I-listed home in beautiful Bedford Square is set in the heart of London, surrounded by the world-renowned library collections, museums, academic bodies and art institutions of the of the world’s greatest city. Oxford Street, Covent Garden and the theatres of the West End are all within a few minutes walk. NCH’s students have the best of both worlds; its small, nurturing, collegiate institution, where everyone knows your name, provides students with a supportive foundation from which to launch themselves into London and seize the opportunity to participate in a community of 120,000 students through Student Central, the University of London student social hub.

NCH’s students

NCH’s students are talented, ambitious and passionate about the humanities. NCH is a truly international and cosmopolitan community of students. Around 40% of our students come from outside the UK, representing more than 40 countries. We welcome applications from students irrespective of their background. We offer means-tested bursaries of up to £3,085 to home students, and generous merit-based scholarships worth up to £2,000 to high calibre candidates.

NCH graduates

NCH offers an intensive learning experience and immense opportunities for individual growth. Students who study at the College develop into assured, well-rounded, eloquent individuals with a capacity for independent critical thought and intellectual debate, impressive research skills, a range of interests and passions, and an understanding of how to apply their studies to the world at large.

The calibre and diversity of destinations of the College’s early graduates demonstrate the academic and real-world value of the College’s leading-edge approach to broader, deeper, more vigorous higher education. Destinations include Clifford Chance, Lambert Smith Hampton, Belarus Free Theatre, Deloitte, Porsche, Diageo and the British Council. Others progressed to postgraduate study at top universities including the University of Oxford, UCL, and LSE.

NCH’s standing – NSS survey

NCH surpassed London’s Russell Group universities in the 2017 National Student Survey:

NCH achieved the top score for teaching humanities and social sciences across all London universities and NCH exceeded the Russell Group universities in 26 out of 27 categories

  • 3% of NCH students stated that faculty were good at explaining concepts
  • 3% of NCH students found their degree programme intellectually stimulating
  • 3% of NCH students were able to contact their faculty when they needed to
  • 95% of NCH students received helpful feedback on their work

Source: New College of the Humanities’ website


Undergraduate & Postgraduate:


Read more here.

University Info

  • “I didn’t expect MABECS to do this much for me. My consultant, Ms. Maha was very, very helpful with my personal statement and a lot of things. When I contacted MABECS, I didn’t know it was free of charge, because I would have paid for it if I needed to!”

    HELP University
  • “MABECS performed above my expectations because I didn’t expect my application complications to go through smoothly.”

    KDU University College
  • “MABECS’ work is very tip-top because they do work on time. If they need a document from me, they will be upfront about the deadlines from the start. That makes it easier for me.”

    International Islamic School Malaysia

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